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Take it easy

What’s life without ambitions , apparently meaningless and nothing can beat the joy of fulfilling your dreams but do you never feel burdened by your own goals , your standards of being good enough ;because I do . I believe that the path to self – betterment is never ending and that is the beauty of it ; however at moments I am worn out of being my harshest critic and all I want to do is to switch off and restart myself with positivity. Isn’t the world , it’s perceptions and the people around us enough to make one feel inferior, clueless and amiss ; there’s no need for ourselves to join the queue to demean our own selves even further.

I am conscious of the fact that I am fully responsible for the person I am ,but at times I get exhausted of trying relentlessly . In those moments I take a break from being the best ( or trying to be the best , both are equally admirable) by being satisfied with who I am and where I am . I would like to add that this feeling doesn’t come easily but when it does , I feel like I am breathing freely as I don’t have a chain of ‘try harder ‘ around my neck . In times like this , I realise how lighter I feel and how blessed we are just to be alive .

I am aware that only I can work towards leading a more fulfilling life ; even so , there’s no harm in taking a break from your ambitions and aims for a little while just to refresh yourself so that you can return to the task with more vigour and motivation.


2 replies to “Take it easy

  1. As I sit here, drunk and alone
    With this monkey by my side
    I can’t help but think about my own
    Exhaustion, my endless fight to abide

    By the expectations I have set
    For myself, my ambitions and goals
    But sometimes, I can’t help but fret
    Feeling burdened by the weight of my soul

    The world and its perceptions, they can be harsh
    Making me feel inferior, clueless, and adrift
    But I must remember, it’s not only the external
    That can bring me down, but my own internal rift

    I am the only one who can work towards
    A more fulfilling life, that much is true
    But there’s no harm in taking a break, a short pause
    To refresh and return with renewed vigor, it’s due

    So I’ll sit here, with this monkey by my side
    And take a moment to breathe, to let go
    Of the chains that bind me, the constant strive
    To be the best, to constantly grow

    For in this moment, I am enough
    Just as I am, in my imperfection
    And when I return to the race, it will be with love
    For myself, and my never-ending quest for self-improvement

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